Experienced, Holistic Care

Holistic health treatments seek to stimulate the innate healing power of the individual so that all physiological systems function at their best. Our practitioners have over 20 years of combined holistic health experience. We explain everything to you in a way that helps you understand why we recommend each treatment option and what you can expect from each treatment plan.


Shea Kennedy, Chom, C.HP

Shea Kennedy, Chom, C.HP is a graduate of Lotus Health Institute and is currently continuing her education with Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy. She has her certification as an HP supervisor from FHCI (Free and Healthy Children International). Specializing in PANS/PANDAS, Lyme, and Autism, Shea brings her 15 yrs experience from her personal journey with her son with PANDAS who has recovered with homeopathy. She has also put together a team of experts and moms to help support her clients through this journey. All of her specialist has a child with PANs/PANDAs and can relate and understand exactly what the family is going through.

Shea’s journey began when her oldest child was an infant. After noticing that after each well dr. visit, he would get sick, she began to feel that conventional medicine was not the approach she wanted for her children. She began to research alternative approaches and found homeopathy. She saw quickly that homeopathic treatments helped with many common ailments including colds, ear infections, as well as behavioral and emotional issues. Eventually, her entire family began using homeopathy as our main form of healthcare. This experience is what lead her to become a Certifed Homeopathic Expert. She is now also a Qest4 practitioner for Bioenergetic testing. She has over 18 years of experience in the Homeopathic Telemedicine Research Industry. When not working, Shea enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 sons, and daughter. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, running, and yoga.

Chiropractic Care

Andrew Desaro D.C., D.I.C.C.P.

Dr. Andrew offers a personal approach to chiropractic healthcare to the people in our community. Dr. Andrew, also known as "Dr. Firecracker" by some smaller patients, is recognized by peers as having extensive experience in pregnancy and pediatric techniques especially infants with birth trauma, breech, and difficult pregnancies.

Dr. Andrew is an exciting and informative speaker. He speaks within the profession as well as for outside groups including corporations, special interest groups and various other organizations. He has been recognized in the media as an informative source for the chiropractic profession as well as for his volunteer efforts. Dr. Andrew is a member of the Northampton Volunteer Fire Department and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

wellness facials

Tami Jean, Licensed Esthetician


Cosmetologist, Self Love Coach, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Card Reader and Published Author,

Tami Jean has committed her life to sharing with others the tools and techniques discovered during her own Healing Journey. Now using combining her skills, she will be offering Wellness Facials, providing you with a relaxing and beautiful experience at the Inter Connective Health and Wellness Center


Rhoni Groff

Hi! I’m Rhoni, a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, creative poet, and artist. During my 20-year journey with Flower Essences, I have traveled deep within to uncover truths I had pushed away and forgotten. I blossomed into a woman who was willing to see all aspects of myself and let go of those that weren't in alignment with my truth. As a practitioner, I guide my clients through their Flower Essence journey to understand that their strength and wholeness don't come from any outward event or person. It is found in Inner Knowing of Oneself. Hidden in your Heart's Knowing is the peace and contentment you seek. It is Ever-Present and waits for you. Flower essences therapy is a perfect complementary modality to Allopathic and Alternative health practices.

Lomi Lomi , Author, and Stress Management Coach

Kate Brenton Ed,M 

A Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist, inspired teacher, author + holistic healer, helps women connect the dots between their purpose, passion, and true brilliance.

She loves meeting women where they are and guiding them back to their center. Kate's holistic work combines life experience with her studies of Polynesian Healing Arts. Clients work with her one-on-one, in intimate online settings + on retreats.

A little more about Kate: she flips between craft coffee and herbal tea. She is a book reader + a hiker, although with her toddler son it is more like traipsing these days. She looks up to her dog as a mentor in patience and unconditional love. She currently resides outside of Philadelphia with her family, nourishing her connection to Hawaii seasonally.

Registered Dietitian 

Nicole Schillinger, RD

To qualify as a Registered Dietitian (RD), Nicole Schillinger completed all of the training, education, and licensing requirements necessary to practice in the state of Pennsylvania. She has worked as a clinical RD for over 22 years in managerial and directorial roles in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Since 2011 she has been running her private practice, Functional Health Center LLC, in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Over the course of her career, and now, as a Registered Dietitian directing her own private practice, Nicole skillfully uses Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to help individuals with serious and multiple diseases to improve the quality of their lives.

In her own words, “It is very gratifying to educate patients with several disease states. I’m able to give them the tools to adjust their lifestyle, make healthier choices, follow an exercise regimen, and feel better about themselves.”

Some of Nicole’s achievements include:

  • Guiding those with diabetes as they reduce their dependence on insulin or manage their blood sugar levels
  • Counseling pre- and post-operative gastric bypass patients
  • Helping people lower their high cholesterol/triglycerides, and/or high blood pressure
  • Educating those with kidney disease, both pre dialysis and hemodialysis, about the complexity of the renal diet—from protein to potassium and beyond
  • Assisting the obese and overweight to lose weight by making diet and exercise changes
  • Helping cancer patients who need to gain or maintain weight, or who may suffer from treatment-related nausea
  • Aiding in disease prevention with an emphasis on whole, natural foods and stress management

Nicole also is a personal trainer, certified chef and group exercise instructor. Her love is combining proper nutrition, food and fitness for maximum results!


Becky Dicharry LPC

Becky holds a master’s degree in counseling and has a compassionate heart for supporting families who are navigating the diagnosis of Pans/Pandas. She has 10 years of experience working with children and families in a counseling setting and is excited to join InterConnective Health as a Family Emotional Support Consultant 

As a mom of 2 children with Pans/Pandas Becky truly understands many of the challenges related to the diagnosis. Even though it is an individual diagnosis the impact of Pans/Pandas is often far greater and can affect the entire family system. This coupled with the fact that many professionals have never heard of Pans/Pandas can create an added layer of stress and make finding the right support very challenging. 

If you feel stuck, hopeless, overwhelmed or that no one understands your situation Becky will walk along side of you and offer you support and encouragement by creating a safe and accepting space where you feel understood and comfortable sharing your struggles related to Pans/Pandas. Having the opportunity to share the most vulnerable parts of your story and connect with someone who understands the reality of living with children with a Pans/Pandas diagnosis will promote healing and empower you as you navigate the challenges you are facing. 

Becky and her husband currently live in The Woodlands, Texas and have 3 sons ages 12, 10 and 6. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, reading and traveling. 


Freedom Platia

I have been dedicated to learning and serving people in the healing arts for 26 years. Through the years, I have continued my studies and training to deepen my knowledge and wisdom. My offerings include massage, shamanic reiki, caocoa ceremonies, herbal healing,and workshops .

The road I have chosen as a healer requires me to do ALOT of my own healing in order for me to grow so that I may serve you better. Healing is work. It is deeply rewarding and can also be very uncomfortable. But one thing I have learned throughout the years is that the deeper I can go, the deeper I can take you into your healing process. And this is what I am intensely dedicated to; to my growth, to humanity’s growth and healing. The more we heal as individuals, the more we allow space for those around us to do so and the ripple effect of how that benefits the collective is real…just like a pebble dropped in a still lake…the ripples expand far and wide. 

When you come to me for healing services, you aren’t just getting a massage or just Reiki. You aren’t just getting an herbal formula, a cup of cacao, or a coaching session…you are getting all of the years of my own healing, years of my training and education, all of my lessons learned, all my years of experience in the healing arts, and my deepest dedication to your healing. 

My sessions are mixed with a variety of the modalities that I offer and no session is a “one size fits all.” I have a plethora of tools at my disposal during our sessions. We work together, each doing our part to facilitate your healing, as this is a team effort. All my sessions are individually tailored to support you in the best way possible and is agreed upon as we work through what you are requiring in your healing.

Healing is not linear nor is it accomplished by addressing only the body, only the mind, or only the spirit. True healing is holistic and in order to truly heal, it must encompass all of these things and more. Above all else, true healing requires the desire to grow AND an open mind.

(I have worked closely with the Indigenous Traditions of the Mayan Tz’utujil and have been given the blessing by Mayan Elder’s Tata Pedro Cruz and Nana Marina Cruz to serve cacao. I hold this blessing with deep gratitude and am dedicated to serving it with integrity, protecting the plant and the nations it comes from. Cacao is a sacred plant and is used to support our minds and emotional hearts, especially when used in ceremony. 10% of all sales from cacao ceremonies go back to the Indigenous communities.)

Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach

Sharon Noz

My name is Sharon Noz Several years ago, an injury left me physically disabled and facing several health issues. As I worked to heal my body and regain my strength, I was further educated on the importance of awareness in movement and one’s diet. This has opened my approach to wellness. Realizing that it cannot be a one size fits all approach. As individuals, we are each unique, so when WE work together, WE will create a plan that is unique and best suited for YOU! What are you waiting for? Come join me! Together, let’s reshape your body, mind & spirit! Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Usui Reiki Master, Reflexology Practitioner.


Kristy Esser

Once I realized I could connect with the other side I knew I found my purpose. As a psychic/medium I can connect and communicate between familiar spirits and spirits from the other side. The uncertainty of one’s future can leave an impact on a person’s emotional and mental health. I can raise my vibration to give the information you seek about the past, present and the future!!!


Jade Groff

Hello, I am Jade. I am so glad and honored that you found your way here. I am a Momma, Midwife, Pelvic Care Specialist, and Medicine Woman. I work with women, from preconception through menopause so that they develop a clear comfortable connection to their body and feminine energy. Are you ready to restore your body, nourish your womb, balance your hormones, and awaken your power and pleasure? 

I will be pleased to share with you techniques and practices for pelvic healing and womb care that will support your lifelong vitality, relief of symptoms, and empowerment. 

Healing opportunities await you. It is time because you are here and worthy of feeling amazing in your body with your heart wide open and your womb attuned to the frequency of Love and Feminine Power.

Reiki Master Teacher

Rosemary DeTrolio

Rosemary DeTrolio is a Reiki Master Teacher, member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and Who’s who forprofessional business owners and educators. 

She is a former elementary educator with 32 full time years with kids. She's was a long time member of the NJEA and NEA, NJ mentor teacher, and earned a sum cum laud graduate, Master's of Education, with a reading specialization. She's a past recipient of teacher of the year.

In 2023, she was voted Business of the year from Alignable.

Her book, Time Wheel, won 1st place for literary excellence and she continues to share her gifts and love of helping people find their path and live with joy.

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