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This diagnosis was first identified in the late 1990's. Unfortunately, still many pediatric doctors have never heard of PANDAS, studied it, tested for it or even know about it. It is more often that the parents who do internet research out of desperation, then bring their child to the doctor, asking for the blood testing and a diagnosis - not the other way around.

The National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) Investigators discovered that the OCD, tics, and other symptoms usually occurred in the aftermath of a strong stimulant to the immune system, such as a viral infection or bacterial infection. The research indicated that there are a subset of children with rapid onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and/or tic disorders and these symptoms are caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) infections.(no need to highlight)

With PANDAS, children can have dramatic and sudden OCD exacerbations and tic disorders following streptococcus infections. The abnormal behaviors come on suddenly and are overt and easily recognized. PANDAS has been associated with a wider range of related behaviors. Affected children can have any combination of the following symptoms: ADHD type symptoms, OCD, anorexia, anxiety, germ phobias, rage hyperactivity and depression symptoms.

PANDAS is not the only immune system disease that may initially cause OCD to appear suddenly. Other disorders may need to be ruled out. They include: Lyme Disease, Thyroid Disease, Celiac Disease, Lupus, Sydenham Chorea, Kawasaki’s Disease, and acute Rheumatic Fever.


Both PANDAS and PANS involve a rapid onset of symptoms and is related to an incident of strep infection but can be triggered by other infectious diseases as well.  We have helped "Adult PANDAS/PANS" cases and have see a wide variety of symptoms in both children and adults who fit the PANDAS/PANS criteria.  Their cases are addressed successfully with homeopathy. The symptoms present will include the criteria for diagnosis, along with any combination of following:

  • ADHD
  • Angry outbursts
  • Anorexia or very picky eating
  • Anxiety
  • Arms motions, flexing
  • Aversion to bathing/washing hair
  • Aversion to cutting fingernails
  • Aversion to cutting hair
  • Child can't fall asleep alone
  • Compulsive arm movements
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Compulsive eating
  • Compulsive hand motions
  • Constipation - severe
  • Bedwetting (even in older kids)
  • Depression
  • Eye blinking
  • Eye rolling
  • Fearfulness - excessive
  • Fears worse at night
  • Fear of the dark
  • Fear of germs/germ phobias
  • Handwriting difficulty
  • Handwriting sudden changes
  • Head twitching
  • Head shaking
  • "High maintenance" nature
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inability to focus
  • Inability to sleep at night
  • Jerking in limbs
  • Jerking while asleep
  • Makes mouth noises
  • Makes humming noises
  • Moodiness
  • Mood swings
  • Night mares
  • Night terrors
  • Night sweats
  • OCD
  • Super silly behaviors
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Tics
  • Throat clearing
  • Twitching
  • Rage episodes
  • Sensory issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stomach tics
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Urinary Frequency
  • Violent behaviors
  • Whining, clingy

Below is the medical symptom criteria for PANDAS

Additional symptoms, such as severely restricted food intake, may also occur such as in anorexia.

Symptoms include sudden onset of OCD and/or Tics along with a least two other following systems.

  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Personality changes
  • Urinary frequency

  • Tics - repetitive vocalizations or body movements or abnormal movements; Tourette Syndrome
  • Irritability or aggression
  • Inability to concentrate or ADHD
  • Deterioration of learning abilities
  • Developmental or age regression

How we can help get your child back

With PANS/PANDAS, parents often feel like they lost their child overnight. In some cases, the changes are more gradual and progressive, but the feeling is the same – the child you knew is gone and you will stop at nothing to get him or her back. Homeopathy consistently helps bring your child back to you gently and without side effects of medications.

Actually, heal and leave PANS/PANDAS behind you

InterConnective Health and Wellness relies on the healing power of homeopathy. Homeopathy works to improve your child’s overall functioning by stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal rather than using suppressive medications or supplements that just keep things going. With homeopathy we are able to stop chasing infections because your child’s body is able to fight them off effectively without turning an attack on itself.

Reduce, Eliminate, and Avoid Medications and Supplements

Conventional meds are not inherently bad. They can be lifesaving, and when used correctly, they can be an essential part of recovery from PANS/PANDAS. But suppressive meds are not the long-term solution for living well, and they don’t lead to the ultimate recovery we want for our kids. Homeopathy stimulates healing in the body so that your child can function at his or her best without needing a long list of medications or supplements.

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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine works to stimulate healing and reduce susceptibility to disease using substances found in nature. The medicines are prepared in dilute formulas making them among the safest medicines available. These medicines are prescribed based off of each individual’s unique symptoms. When prescribed accurately, these medicines help the person to heal as a whole person, body and mind, and reduce susceptibility to disease.

What is a homeopathic remedy?

Conventional meds are not inherently bad. They can be lifesaving, and when used correctly, they can be an essential part of recovery from PANS/PANDAS. But suppressive meds are not the long-term solution for living well, and they don’t lead to the ultimate recovery we want for our kids. Homeopathy stimulates healing in the body so that your child can function at his or her best without needing a long list of medications or supplements.

Homeopathic medicines are available over the counter. Can I just treat myself?

In theory, yes.  However, you would be unlikely to get the response that we are known for.  There is a specific skill when it comes to homeopathic prescribing. An experienced homeopath knows your condition inside and out from a medical perspective. They know what is common and what is uncommon. This knowledge, coupled with skill in homeopathic case taking and analysis allows them to identify the unique, rare, and individualized symptoms that you have, which indicate the remedy that will stimulate your body and mind to heal.

Why is homeopathy so important?

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal and work at your underlying susceptibility to PANS and PANDAS when exposed to an infection. This understanding is at the core of how we can help. We are all exposed to infections, but we don’t all end up with OCD, tics, rage, and other symptoms associated with PANS and PANDAS. It is your child’s underlying susceptibility, or internal imbalance, that creates this unique reaction to infections. Other treatment methods, including some natural medicines, focus on symptom suppression rather than healing your susceptibility. Homeopathy is the only therapy we have that works at the level of susceptibility.

Homeopathy holds up in research.

Homeopathy must be prescribed based on unique symptoms experienced by the individual. This makes it difficult to conduct double blind, placebo controlled trials. Despite this challenge, studies have shown that homeopathy is equally as effective as Prozac in the treatment of depression and Methylphenidate (Ritalin) in ADHD. Scientists continue to explore the methods for how homeopathy can be effective in incredibly low doses. The most recent research suggests that the process of serial dilution and succussion (vigorous agitation to mix the substance with water) creates nanoparticles of the original substance that can be detected with Transmission Electron Microscopy.

*Results of services will vary from person to person.

Nutrition for PANS/PANDAS?

The foods we eat can dramatically impact focus, moods, and energy for the better or for the worse.

How does diet impact a PANS and PANDAS Child?

  • PANS/PANDAS is an inflammatory condition. Unhealthy and processed foods cause inflammation which makes flares worse.
  • Processed foods are often high in calories but low in nutrients, often leading to nutrient deficiencies that interfere with optimal functioning.
  • Unhealthy foods are addictive and can cause rapid fluctuations in neurotransmitters such as dopamine when they are eaten.
  • Processed foods can lead to wild swings in blood sugar, which lead to rapid changes in mood, focus, anxiety, and irritability.
  • Even healthy foods can increase inflammation if they are foods your child is sensitive to or if they are high histamine foods and your child has histamine intolerance.

What are food allergies?

Food allergies can be severe, also called anaphylactic allergies, or milder. The more severe allergies (like peanuts and shellfish) are mediated by fast acting IgE antibodies and can be life threatening. The less severe allergies, also called food sensitivities are mediated by slower to respond IgG or IgA antibodies. These antibodies produce a system-wide inflammatory response and can be associated with mental and neurological health conditions. This phenomenon is often associated with “leaky gut” in which micro-tears in the gut lining allow for particles of food that have not been completely digested to enter the bloodstream. Identification of offending foods can be accomplished by an elimination and challenge diet or by blood tests. Following a strict diet without the identified allergies for a period of 3-6 months accompanied by the use of homeopathy and other gut-healing therapies can greatly reduce the impact individual foods have on your mood.

What type of diet is best for PANS/PANDAS?

The exact type of foods that will be best for your child will vary based on his/her individual constitution. Generally speaking, a diet high in vegetables (especially dark leafy greens and bright colors), quality protein and healthy fats and low in sugar (including fruits) and processed foods will have most people feeling better. Individuals with specific health concerns may need to consider specialized therapeutic diets.

Do we use nutritional supplements in addition to homeopathy?

Yes, when they are indicated for the individual. Some common supplements we recommend are:

  1. High quality multivitamins/minerals. These can supplement for diets that are very restricted due to PANS/PANDAS. They may also be indicated even in a healthy diet because inflammation reduces the amount of nutrients you can absorb from your food.
  2. Fish oil. Omega-3s found in fish oil helps reduce inflammation and repairs a weakened nervous system and kidneys, both of which are impacted in PANS/PANDAS.
  3. Probiotics. Most kids with PANS/PANDAS have been on round after round of antibiotics that greatly disrupt their gut microbiome. Probiotics can help reduce inflammation, help restore ideal microbiome balance, increase nutrient absorption, and even make some nutrients on their own!
  4. Occasionally, high doses of specific nutrients are indicated when a deficiency has been identified through a thorough case history or lab studies. Many kids with PANS/PANDAS have genetic variations that impact how they process nutrients. In these cases, higher doses of bioactive nutrients may be indicated for a longer period of time. 

What makes Interconnective Different?

We offer Emotional support from a specialist with PANS/PANDAS experience. This allows for guidance and family sessions to help you and your family cope and to be given tools to help this process.(link to pans/pandas support and beckys bio)

Initial Visit

Your initial visit will last approximately 2-3 hours. During this time, your provider will:

  • Obtain a detailed history of your or your child’s mental, behavioral and physical health concerns
  • Obtain specific information on your child’s experience of their condition for the purpose of a homeopathic recommendations

Your provider will typically take a day or two to review your child’s case and the homeopathic literature before making a recommendation. You will have a scheduled call back time to go over the remedy recommendation, how to take it, what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.

There is a 6 month commitment to ensure you are on your way to healing.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up visits last up to 30 minutes and occur approximately once per month, although this will vary from person to person. Follow-up visits can be done by phone or secure video calls. During your visit your provider will:

  • Evaluate your child’s response to their current remedy
  • Review any changes to his or her symptoms or health status
  • Make and explain any updates to your homeopathic recommendations

Working with Your Current Physician

We are happy to collaborate with your other providers as a team to ensure you are given the best possible care.  Because of the nature of working remotely we require that you have a local physician or primary care provider to manage all medical care, including medications, lab testing, physical exams, and to write school notes and complete school forms.



Cost $995 - Includes:

  • Initial Homeopathic Consultation (2 hour)
  • 2 Follow up Appointments (30 min sessions)
  • Emotional Counseling – 4 sessions( 1 hour each with License Counselor that specializes in PAN/PANDAS)

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PANS/PANDAS Membership Program:

Cost $99 per month - Includes:

  • PANDAS Moms Group Access- 
  • Zoom Meeting Bi-weekly zoom call with Guest Speakers
  • Access to contact Homeopath 24/7
  • 20% Off Homeopathic Remedies
  • 10% Supplements- Probiotics, DesBio, Uriel, BioRay, and Thorne products

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