5 Ways that Arnica Montana can help your family

Arnica Montana is undoubtedly the most popular, loved and commonly used single homeopathic remedy in the world. In first aid, Arnica is one of the most popular remedies to help respond to accidents, blows, easing stress, bruising, minor swelling and pain symptoms, without interfering with our necessary reactions.  Whether off to the gym, sporting events, the yard, the mountains or the playground, the best way to feel safe and confident is having Arnica close by. The healing applications of this fascinating remedy do not stop there:

1) Arnica for Injuries By reducing bruising, minor swelling, emotional responses, pain and recovery time, Arnica ASAP reduces the extent of injuries, blows, falls, muscle strain, cuts and sprains. Arnica’s presence adds efficiency to healing, making it ideal for first aid.

2)  Joints, Back and Limbs “As if bruised” soreness anywhere tends to respond well to Arnicas presence. Symptoms of soreness, minor swelling and pain after sprains, twists and turns as well as weakness in joints from injuries old or new often find healing relief in Arnica. Even in arthritic joints have been known to find temporary relief in Arnica.

3) Maximize your Fitness Abilities As muscles generally build by tearing and repairing, Arnica can be ideal for reducing the pain and strain of exercise– whether it involves running, push-ups, lifting a grandchild or moving furniture.

4) Dental Work, Surgery and Childbirth Dentists, doctors and midwives are offering Arnica to reduce symptoms of bruising minor swelling and pain. Practices of all kinds, are offering patient’s the choice to take Arnica along with other therapies. It has been clinically proven to reduce swelling after face lifts and its benefits for childbirth are always bringing in positive testimonials.

5) Nervous System Relief If after an accident, a person does not want to be touched and says something like, “No, I’m fine, don’t touch me, I don’t need a doctor,” when it is obvious they need help, Arnica can help restore the victim's composure. If, however, they are frightened and desperate for help, that kind of response calls for Aconite.

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