Surviving Allergy Season!

Allergy Season is in full effect! Most look forward to this beautiful season but for some it brings on the arrival of allergy season. No need to suffer with allergy symptoms or suppress the symptoms with medications, there are natural solutions.

To select the right homeopathic remedy you need to recognize the totality of symptoms you are experiencing and then identify which symptom is most troubling or what is most unusual about your specific symptoms.

Below is a list of common remedy that will help with seasonal allergies.

Try one for a few days if you don’t find relief choose another, if the second remedy doesn’t relieve your symptoms you may need a less common remedy that is not on this list. If you are looking to lessen the bodies overall allergic response over the long term this can be done by working with a homeopathic practitioner.

A remedy can be used in a 6, 12 or 30c potency. One pellet can be taken 3 times a day for up to 2-3 days, stop dosing when there is symptom relief. Resume dosing if symptoms go away only to return. If you need to continually keep taking the remedy to achieve relief it is likely not the right remedy contact me for additional help.

Allium Cepa- Made from the red onion which is homeopathically prepared. Allium relieves symptoms that are as if you had cut an onion. Very runny nose which may leave the upper lip and nostrils raw and red. The nose can be very stuffed up even though there is discharge. There may be some sneezing. The eyes are watery with bland tears. The symptoms are better when outside and worse when inside. There may also be a headache which is relieved from going outside. The throat may be raw or hoarse or there could be a cough.

Euphrasia- The eye symptoms predominate. There are copious tears which burn and itch the eyes with a bland nasal discharge, this is the opposite of the allium cepa symptoms. The eyes blink frequently and are sensitive to sun light. There is sneezing and there may be asthmatic respiration or wheezing, headache in the forehead, postnasal discharge or tickling cough.

Sabadilla- The sneezing is the most prominent symptom, there are episodes of sneezing (such as 10x’s in a row). The thin nasal discharge can be excoriating to the nose and lip. The nose may be itchy or tickle. A person needing sabadilla may wheeze or feel asthmatic. The symptoms are worse when going outside. There maybe a craving for warm drinks.

Natrum Muriaticum- There is copious nasal discharge which may be thin or thick like raw egg white. There can be multiple sneezes which they often try to hold in. The eyes are watery. Allergy symptoms are worse in the wind or sun. Headaches are possible. There may be a history of cold sores, chapping or cracks in the lip.

Wyethia- Extreme itching of the palate (roof and back of the mouth), nose and throat are the worst symptoms. Itching the roof of the mouth with the tongue or the finger. Sticking finger in the ear to relieve itching. Burning and dry feeling in the throat with frequent clearing the throat.

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